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Proudly handcrafted in North Carolina. Since 1953, Thayer Coggin has carved out a unique identity in the home furnishings market through a commitment to timeless, modern design. Through founder Thayer Coggin's vision and Distinguished Design Awards honoree Milo Baughman's creations, Thayer Coggin has amassed a collection of some of the most recognizable furniture designs in the world. In a process unique in the home furnishings industry, Thayer Coggin furniture is bench-made by a single craftsperson. This extraordinary technique ensures continuity among pieces and guarantees the highest quality upholstery that Thayer Coggin demanded. We proudly offer the Thayer Coggin line of American-made furniture at Rosenthal. Contact us to learn more. We also welcome you to visit our 17,000 sf showroom, conveniently located downtown.

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