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A revitalized dining room within a designer's home

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Refreshing your space with added time at home can be an exciting experience. Gabriella Grant, a resident interior designer at Rosenthal Inte

Her new space showcases an elegant contemporary tulip table and chairs with a crasting oil painting and additional accents to truly pull the space together as something that glimmers. Now with this new space Grant is just waiting for the next time she is able to host a dinner party.

What will your new space look like?

Words from our designer, about her space and what she has been doing with added time at home..

If there’s one word to describe what I’ve learned the most from this time it’s adaptation.

A schedule and routine had to completely change to adapt to the way things are right now.

It took me a few moments to really determine how I would begin to define how my days would be since the idea of driving to Rosenthal Interiors and greeting customers with a smile would not be possible for some time.

It started with finding a space that felt the best to work. My fiancé worked from home prior to the Shelter in Place Order for our ice cream company, so the home office was already occupied. I’m also someone extremely affected by light and connection to nature, so I found our small dining room to be a better solution. Just a month prior, we got a new tulip dining table and swivel chairs and I hadn’t truly redesigned the space yet. I felt like this could be a great excuse!

I brought in some of my own original art, collected blue and white pottery and as much greenery that the space would allow. We currently rent so restrictions on light fixtures and paint have always been a challenge. Rather than painting a full room, I’ve adapted a lot of contrast trim as acceptable means to integrate color. I added more bird feeders outside, and voila! I had a home office that felt calming and could create a space of more focus amidst life’s many distractions right now.

I know this time has been trying on so many people right now. It’s not easy to spend this much time at home if you’re not prepared. It’s not easy to mentally go from how life was, to what is needed right now is such a short period of time. Don’t be so hard on yourself – this is a difficult time. All we can do each day is to try our best to start each day with a positive attitude. We owe that to each person that is not staying home and instead, protecting and taking care of our community.

Some adaptations I’ve made is that I bring as much of the outdoors in like plants, textiles, texture trying to diminish that separation as much as possible. I start each day with meditation and yoga. I try to work in a way to help others each day while I’ve been fortunate enough to work from home with clients. If there’s anything I’ve learned the most this last year, it’s that while you can’t fully control what happens to you, you can control the attitude you carry into it. Creating an environment of positivity and a list of things I look forward to after this has really helped!

Connect with Gabriella Grant here or learn more about her interior design background.

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