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GAMMA. SINCE 1974. Continuous research and innovation, without ever forgetting traditional values. A clear vision of the present and an eye on the future. By adhering to these two principles, Gamma gives concrete form to its passion for design every day. The results are a distinct style and an intrinsic elegance. Handcrafted workmanship meets design, highlighting the craftsmanship in contemporary forms and state of the art lines.

Through our hands, ideas take form and flow from conceptual to concrete. The hands of our company not only tangibly create our products, but they also play a deeper role. Hands produce. They are the primary instrument of artisans, they hold tools, they caress leather, and they work the materials, strongly and firmly but very gently taking command of even the toughest of tasks. If you look at them carefully, our hands can tell a lot about who we are, our history and our passions.

Contact us to learn more, or visit our 17,000 square-foot showroom conveniently located downtown.

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