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Top Selling Brands in Exclusive Contemporary & Modern Home Furnishings

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Rosenthal Interiors offers the American Leather Collection. AL creates with expert craftsmanship to create the highest quality furniture available. It’s not only durable; it’s also beautiful. Renowned, award-winning designers and inventors collaborate with the in-house team to dream up artful designs, many of which have won some of the furniture industry’s highest accolades.

Other pieces may not win fancy fashion awards but they’ll win your heart for versatility and comfort. Or you might fall in love with our unique technologies. Products invented, like the Comfort Recliner™, the Comfort Sleeper™, and our Comfort Theatre™ Collections take furniture to new levels of comfort. No matter which product you desire, we’ll make it according to your specifications. Come in to Rosenthal today to learn more about this exceptional brand.



Sequel Lift Desk
Work smarter, not harder. We are proud to carry the new BDI SEQUEL lift desk. Lift desks set a new standard for efficient and organized work spaces. The bar has been raised with the SEQUEL lift desk. A versatile, height-adjustable desk, SEQUEL’s powered leg system is controlled by a programmable digital keypad. Whether sitting, standing or somewhere in-between, your work surface is always at the perfect height. Visit the Rosenthal showroom to see the SEQUEL in action.

More than just the office
BDI offers a collection of furniture pieces that are unique, functional and attractive. You'll find Table Collections beautifully suited for the well-designed interior, Home Theater furniture with edgy styling and state-of-the-art engineering, and Corridor Bar... the perfect cocktail of style and function. Call or stop by to see what's new.



Calligaris - Italian smart design since 1923. The smart design by Calligaris offers a wide and articulate range of functional furniture, with a style that's not loud but elegantly contemporary. Its bold simplicity leaves room for each one's sensitivity, while mingling with other shapes, colors and materials in a game of endless possibilities.

Smart is harmony between technique and aesthetics, between reason and emotion... because each Calligaris piece embodies the know-how of our experienced designers and our creativity applied to contemporary living.

Simplicity becomes an added value which satisfies the desire to play with the volumes, the combinations, the colors to create spaces that avoid a mass-produced feel and narrate the personality of those who inhabit them.

“Expressing our own personality, recounting who we really are is a natural aspiration that finds in the home, in the spaces we live in, its pride of place. The home is the visible container of our tastes, passions, foibles; it is a place that represents us and therefore one in continuous transformation.” – Calligaris



“Made in Italy” means quality and attention to detail, but it is also the result of the creativity and skills of the designers whose study of shape leads to the design of products which are not just smart but also comfortable. Cattelan Italia’s core business has always been associated with a global pool of famous experienced and talented designers. So new trends are set every year and our customers are enticed by attractive collections.

Founded in 1979, by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan, the company that bears their name continues to offer stunning Italian design. Today, Cattelan Italia is run by their son, Paolo, who carries on the family tradition of working with some of Italy’s most renowned designers. Gastone Rinaldi, Yoshino and Emilio Nanni are but a few of the design innovators who’ve contributed to Cattelan's award-winning collection. The range of products include distinctive tables and chairs as well as lighting, mirrors and accessories.



Elite Manufacturing is firmly committed and driven by a passion for original design. Elite has been producing innovative and exceptional modern furnishings in the USA since 1988. They have earned and established an unparalleled reputation for sensational designs, superior construction and outstanding value.

Elite utilizes a sophisticated combination of materials including brushed stainless steel, powder coated metals, solid woods and veneers available in numerous finish options. They also offer a multitude of fabrics, leathers and Ultrasuede choices to enhance the uniqueness of our diverse product assortment. Elite controls every phase, from the product design and development to the final delivery of our products. This insures the superior quality that Elite has been recognized for as well as reliable and reasonable delivery times.



GAMMA. SINCE 1974. Continuous research and innovation, without ever forgetting traditional values. A clear vision of the present and an eye on the future. By adhering to these two principles, Gamma gives concrete form to its passion for design every day. The results are a distinct style and an intrinsic elegance. Handcrafted workmanship meets design, highlighting the craftsmanship in contemporary forms and state of the art lines.

Through our hands, ideas take form and flow from conceptual to concrete. The hands of our company not only tangibly create our products, but they also play a deeper role. Hands produce. They are the primary instrument of artisans, they hold tools, they caress leather, and they work the materials, strongly and firmly but very gently taking command of even the toughest of tasks. If you look at them carefully, our hands can tell a lot about who we are, our history and our passions.



Miniforms was born in Italy in the 1970s. It evolved from Inveta (Industria Veneta small tables), a company founded in 1962 which produced small tables and accessories.

In the late 1980s, Miniforms looked toward the international market. Production was expanded to chairs, tables and bookcases, increasing the catalogue of new solutions for living.

In 2009, Miniforms founder, Mr. Luigi Bardini, sold the company to his son, Mr. Alessandro. The company was now investing in avant-garde production, working with young Italian design talents.

The style inspiring the company derives from authentic materials and respect for the environment. The forms and colors are essential, clean and primary.

The materials range from solid wood to steel, glass and aluminum, using environmentaly compatible materials. In 2010, Miniforms exhibited at the 49th International Furniture Exhibition in Milan, with a collection of twenty-two new products by designers such as Paul Capello, DZ Studio, Giopato and Coombes, Enrico Girotti, Claudio Lovadina, and Andrea Lucatello.



Proudly handcrafted in North Carolina. Since 1953, Thayer Coggin has carved out a unique identity in the home furnishings market through a commitment to timeless, modern design. Through founder Thayer Coggin's vision and Distinguished Design Awards honoree Milo Baughman's creations, Thayer Coggin has amassed a collection of some of the most recognizable furniture designs in the world. In a process unique in the home furnishings industry, Thayer Coggin furniture is bench-made by a single craftsperson. This extraordinary technique ensures continuity among pieces and guarantees the highest quality upholstery that Thayer Coggin demanded. We proudly offer the Thayer Coggin line of American-made furniture at Rosenthal.



Vondom (Spain) : Design culture is the key to our success. This is what pushes us to create new collections that give spaces a new dimension. We create dialogue between environment and form. Vondom pieces transform the simplest space into an ambiance filled with glamour, both unique and extraordinary. This is what it’s about, creating atmospheres where we can take hold of life and feel that we are here to live it, enjoy it and surround ourselves with beauty.

We travel the world until we find the best ambassadors of the Vondom spirit: Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, Eugeni Quitllet, Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Javier Mariscal… Renowned designers and architects from all over, it doesn’t matter where. What counts is their passion for shapes, culture and the vanguard. They transform each piece of furniture into an exclusively “Vondom” mode of expression. Nothing is random, everything happens for a reason. Just as Ramón Esteve become our artistic director for a very good reason.

​All this without forgetting the richness of our surroundings. At Vondom we research and innovate to develop high precision technology and create more sustainable materials. Respect for the environment is in our DNA. Our production systems challenge the here and now to move into a unique terrain of future engineering. A know-how that we share at workshops, conferences, exhibitions and events.

Vondom has broad international recognition. Our design culture is expanding and sought after in many countries, which is what has allowed us to grow and grow. We currently have two flagship stores, ten single brand showrooms and many shops around the world.
A sophisticated soul. A spirit of the vanguard. The Vondom essence can be found in more than 80 countries in the world.

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